Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Q: I mailed my payment before the 28th of the month. Why did I get charged a late fee?
Payment must be received IN THE OFFICE by the 28th of each month.

Q: I haven't used my Internet service at all . Why am I being charged?
If you do not use the service for a month and you are on measured usage, you are charged a $9.95 minimum for account maintenance. If you are on a flat rate plan, you will be charged the rate associated with your chosen plan.

Q: I disconnected my service through an agent. Why am I still getting a bill?
All customers must call Brightnet directly to disconnect. Our agents do not process disconnect requests.

Q: Why does my bill have the phone number 574-555-####
This phone number is your new account number. New Paris Telephone (the owner of Brightnet) is allowing its customers to have 1 simple bill that includes the telephone and internet charges. In order for billing to run every bill must have a phone number on it. This is where the 574-555-#### comes from. If you are a New Paris Telephone Customer your bills will be combined.


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